Dear Customer:

As the UK presidential election is imminent, there could be falls in the financial markets during the course of the transaction. Customer transactions will be handled in accordance with the usual data release measures. Details are as follows:


1. The following arrangements maybe made before and after data release

 A. Gold: The Order is to be at a price of US$ 5.0 or more from the then prevailing market price. 

     Silver: US$ 0.3 or more.

     Forex: 10 pips

 B. The total number of new orders to be placed by the Client shall not exceed the maximum number of lots for each transaction in the account.

 C. Do not accept the "stop-loss " pending orders.


2. In the event of abnormal market conditions, trading spreads have the opportunity to expand due to liquidity.


Customers should always pay attention to whether the trading margin sufficient to meet the market volatility, and early enough risk preparedness to avoid abnormal trading in the market volatility, so as to avoid losses.


If you have any queries, please feel free to call our Customer Service Officer at 1800 388 322 or our toll-free hotline 4001 209 322.


For and behalf of

Imperium Forex Group Pty Limited